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What is REBA?
  •  A competitive travel basketball program run jointly by the BGCRE and ECC. Fielding teams for both boys and girls in grades 5-8.  REBA is run by a committee with representatives from Redding, Easton, the BGCRE and the ECC
Who can play for REBA?
  • Any child that resides in Redding or Easton and is in grades 5-8.

How long does the season last?

  • About 4 months in total- Early November until first week of March
  • Practices usually begin in early November
  • First games usually at the beginning of December
How much of a time commitment is there?
  • A total of 15-25 games played on weekends (Friday nights/Saturday/Sunday)- usually 2 games per weekend
  • Roughly 20-25 total practices (two per week) starting in mid November and continuing thru end of February.
  • Players are expected to be able to commit to at least 90% of games and practices.
  • All efforts will be made to not schedule games during Christmas/New Years week or long weekends to allow families to go away. We can’t guarantee that there will be no games during these dates but we are cognizant of how important it is to have a little time away during the winter.
Does everyone make the team?
  • No, everyone does not make the team as it depends on the amount of kids registered/trying out per grade.
  • There were cuts made for every boys team as well as for the 7th and 8th grade girls teams
    • Last year we had a Gold team and a Black team for the 8th grade boys
  • At the 7th and 8th grade levels the goal is to keep the teams at a 10 player max
  • At the 5th and 6th grade levels we will keep up to a max of 12 players depending on the talent level. The size of the teams will be up to the REBA committee after the talent evaluations.
How competitive is the league?
  • Very competitive. The talent level is a major step up from the in house leagues we have in Redding and Easton.
  • The Fairfield County Basketball league (FCBL) in which we play has the best players in the county and totaled 300 plus teams in the league with over 3,000 kids participating last year.
  • The league is comprised of 3 divisions ranking from most competitive to least (A Division/B Division/C division). The teams are placed in the divisions by their coaches based on their talent levels.
  • Our better teams will compete in the B division but most of our teams compete in the C division due to the size of our town and limited talent pool (compared to towns like Fairfield/Greenwich/Stamford ETC).
Who coaches the teams?
  • We hire professional coaches for almost all of our teams. This enhances the learning experience for all the players.
    • Last year 10 out of the 11 teams had paid coaches
  • At the 5th grade level the teams have the option to hire a paid coach or utilize a parent. 
  • It is mandatory to have paid coach for grades 6-8 unless the team has a volunteer that is highly qualified to coach and is approved by the REBA Committee. "B" teams will have the option to have a parent or a paid coach
When are tryouts and who makes the decision on who makes the team?
  • Tryouts will be in the middle of October each year with teams being finalized by the end of October.
  • Teams will be chosen based on previous years coaches input in addition to the evaluations done at the tryouts. These tryout evaluations are generally done by our High School head coaches, select board members as well as other basketball experts not affiliated with that particular team.
  • Generally we try to keep the numbers on the teams teams a little larger for 5th and 6th grade teams and a little smaller for the older kids.
When do I need to register and how?
  • Initial Registration for tryouts and then the final registration once your child makes the team will be done thru the REBA website
How much does it cost?
  • Roughly $300 to play in the league
    • If utilizing a paid coach it will cost an additional $320 per child to pay their salary for the season
  • In total, with paid coach, the cost is roughly $620 for the entire season (25 practices/20 plus games)
  • In addition a uniform cost of $45 (Approximate) will be added if you don’t have one from the previous year.
How do I pay?
  • All payments will be made thru the REBA website once your child has been informed they have made the team
If my child makes the team is there a minimum playing time rule?
  • REBA commits to ensuring that your child plays an average of at least 8 minutes per game during the regular season. With the assumption that that your child is attending practice and working hard. We feel that while this league is competitive it is also a developmental league and that all athletes on the team should be given an opportunity.
    • During the playoffs there will be no minimum playing time requirement
  • The FCBL ( The league in which we play) has no minimum time requirements.