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The REBA Committee is a group of volunteers working together to provide children in the town with a safe environment and a fun experience to get them excited about the sport of basketball.


Basketball Committee

Cheryl Graziano (Redding), Pete Graziano (Redding), David Green (Easton), Eric Beihl (Easton), Kri Tartaglia (Redding), Marc Jarvis (Easton), Frank Corrazelli (Easton), Mike Falowski (Redding), Julie Wick (Redding)     Suzanne Falowski (Redding), Chris Rotondo (Redding), Joe Dolan (BGCRE), Billy Barrett (ECC)

Email: reddingeastonbasketball@gmail.com

BGCRE Staff - 203-938-3166

Joe Dolan - jdolan@bgcre.org

Peri Bartro - peribgc@aol.com

ECC Staff - 203-459-9700

Joel Silkoff -

Billy Barrett - billy.barrett@eastoncc.com