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The REBA Committee is a group of volunteers working together to provide children in the town with a safe environment and a fun experience to get them excited about the sport of basketball.


Basketball Committee

Jarod Smith (Chair) Jarod726@gmail.com

Cheryl Graziano (Redding)
David Green (Easton)
Greg Riccio (Easton)
Marc Jarvis (Easton)
Frank Corrazelli (Easton)
Dan Sullivan (Redding)

Julie Wick (Redding)

Suzanne Falowski (Redding)
BGCRE Staff - 203-938-3166

Joe Dolan - jdolan@bgcre.org

Peri Bartro - peribgc@aol.com

ECC Staff - 203-459-9700

Joel Silkoff -

Billy Barrett - billy.barrett@eastoncc.com